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Numerous Clients including: Felicity Huffman (TransAmerica; Phoebe In Wonderland); Eva Longoria (Screentest), James Spader, Kerry Washington (RACE, Broadway); Bill Irwin (Waiting for Godot, Broadway), David Shiner (Seussical)

"...She made me understand that the voice, the physical awareness of the actor, and the emotional life of the character are integrally connected. She gave me techniques to relax and empower the voice that I continue to use in my life and subsequent work but, perhaps just as importantly, she also brought me closer to the inner truth of the character."
Jonathan Cake (Coriolanus, Globe Theater)



Power. Audibility. Expression...

the whole body speaks


the whole body speaks

It's about connecting to your VOICE!!
I am excited to be part of that process with you.
Let's breathe and explore the voice, together...

Level I beginners, and returning advanced students:
Classes, Private Sessions, Combined-Privates
& Film, Television, and Stage Production Coaching

Thank you for any referrals you have made in the past.

I look forward to speaking with you.
Thank you,



1. Reply to this email address (Katiebullwbv@gmail.com) and include your phone number

a. if you have been referred, please be sure to let me know who referred you

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WHOLE BODY VOICE gmail address is no longer in use.
A new WBV gmail address is forthcoming. Please use THIS email address to Reply.

2. A phone interview initiates the process of application - go to my website (www.katiebull.com) for key discussion points, such as >your goals, your specific interest in this particular Jones-based vocal approach ie. what draws you to this work. For some advance reading about what this voice work is, you can purchase Chuck Jones 'book, Make Your Voice Heard (Backstage Books press) on Amazon.com and at Barnes and Nobles.

3. Class fees vary from $350 for 8 weeks, to $450 for 10 weeks . For my 10 weeks series please reserve 12 week time span from start date, as we often extend at no extra fee. Payment for Atlantic sponsored classes is paid to Atlantic directly; payment for my 10 week series is paid directly to me. 

Your check assures your place in the class.

Payment plans/sliding scale available for alumni students, only.

Private Coaching $150 per hour/best time is Monday afternoons

A Combined-Private is also available; join with one or two others to reduce your fee/Mondays
Production Coaching, Negotiable


Katie Bull Vocal Production




"...a call to Katie Bull is the first call I make after getting a job...She teaches, encourages and challenges me
to find the truth of a character's voice and more importantly the truth of the character's heart."

Felicity Huffman (TransAmerica; Phoebe In Wonderland; Desperate Housewives)

Katie Bull


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