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Vocal Production


Whole Body Voice - Katie Bull

Whole Body Voice - Katie Bull

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"Sound Vibration" (Photo by Chladni)

I have been receiving a lot of unsolicited correspondence from WBV alumni who have moved on from classroom training to apply their vocal approaches in the professional realm. A lot more than usual, I should say - I have always kept in touch with former students. Maybe the word is out that I'm working on a book? But I haven't announced that, yet. Ummm, that might have been a semi- announcement. No publisher, yet but, some irons in the fire. Maybe these letters are arriving due to synchronicity! In any case, I am excited to be getting notes from the road, and letters from the trenches. A common theme is the empowerment felt around self-coaching. Which happens to be a core theme in my book! I am gathering anecdotes from the field, to write about the application of the self-coaching tools, on the job. If you have trained with me, feel free to send me your stories, Let me know if I have your permission to include your story, if not in full, than in quotation, and credit your name. Most recently I worked with the fantastic documentary film maker, and actor, Morgan Spurlock, in preparation for his British series. This seasoned performer, who is so fully in his whole body and voice, felt he would want to check-back-in for occasional "tune ups" - and yet, we both agreed he was entirely prepared to apply his vocal technique, on his own. Finding the balance of coaching support, and trusting that you have integrated your skills to the point of autonomy, is a reflection of one's practice, one's skill, one's hunger to grow, and one's improvisational spirit.

I will keep you all posted. And you keep me posted, too!


"The voice work I learned from Katie Bull has had a profound effect on my acting work, as well as my life. By doing the vocal warm-up on a daily basis I have been able to connect to my breath and utilize my entire vocal range. My voice has become a more expressive instrument, and I have since become a more expressive person and actor. I recently finished a production of Beth Henley's "Abundance," and I would have never had the vocal strength and vocal relaxation necessary for the intensity of the role, had I not studied with Katie. I think this vocal work is some of the most important work that I have ever done for my acting craft."

- (Quinn Casavale)

"Katie Bull teaches an extremely effective warm-up. There is a connection between my voice becoming freer and my acting becoming richer and deeper. Her ability to coach each person in class individually while still utilizing the strength of group work is wonderful and fresh. I have found one of the most valuable tools in acting in the vocal warm up."

- (Anthony Stropoli)

"Katie is an extremely perceptive teacher. She will help you gain the awareness needed to coach yourself. The work allows you to continue to grow as an actor regardless of your training background."

- (Edelen McWilliams)

"Through the warm-up the performer reclaims body wisdom and experiences an increased dramatic range of vocal expression. It is a wonder and an honor to facilitate; I am continually learning from my students!"

- (Katie Bull)

• A daily warm up for the speaking voice.

A specific sequence of physical exercises to develop breath connection, greater resonance & power, vocal honesty, and increased dramatic range of expression.

"If you are looking for a vocal coach who gets the results--vocal growth and change--Katie Bull is my recommendation."

-(Chuck Jones),

author Make Your Voice Heard
(Backstage Books)


Katie Bull's teaching credits include: Over 20 years of teaching, and co-teaching with Chuck Jones at various New York City professional studios including the Michael Howard and Cay Michael Patten studios; advanced vocal production in the graduate/MFA program of Acting at Brooklyn College; Level I, Level II, & Production coaching at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts' Playwrights Horizons studio. She is currently teaching Level I, Level II & Level III at NYU's Atlantic Theater Company School of Acting.

In addition to studio work, Katie also does private coaching for professional actors and dancers during production.



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