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Jazz Vocalist/Composer

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#6 Vocal Jazz Album of 2015 in the 2015 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll

.....BREAKING NEWS: Katie Bull's All Hot Bodies Radiate #6 Vocal Jazz Album of 2015 in the 2015 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll ......All Hot Bodies is: "A fine recording with provocative lyrics." (Cadence Magazine); "Adventurous...imaginative..." (Alex Henderson, New York City Jazz Record); "Passionate...imaginative..." (Rigoberto Dittman, Germany/Bad Alchemy).......

Katie Bull

"Katie Bull likes to pick you up with her SuperSonic Trailways bus and then drop you off in a very wild part of town. You may be disoriented and perhaps a bit scared but you know you are going to have a groovy time. You always meet nice folks also."

~ Matt Wilson

At Hartford Jazz Festival
At Hartford Jazz Festival, photo by Byron Dean

"...a textbook example of how effectively a jazz vocalist can integrate elements of the inside and the outside...consistently musical... consistently expressive, not to mention individualistic.....highly personal......ultimately Katie Bull sounds like Katie Bull. " Alex Henderson, The New York City Jazz Record


KATIE BULL is honored to be included in Scott Yanow's new book, THE JAZZ SINGERS, Hal Leonard Publishing:

"...a consistently intriguing singer...
...has recorded four stimulating albums that are utterly unpredictable...
...never playing it safe...taking wild chances...stretching herself...."
Scott Yanow, The Jazz Singers; Hal Leonard Publishing


"...attempting to categorize the native New Yorker, and leader of the city's inter-arts movement, is rather like trying to get a few dozen wriggling snakes to lay orderly and still...envelope-pushing experimentation on a grand scale...a dazzling voyage..."
Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes



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