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Katie Bull

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Katie Bull was the VOXNews Writer for the New York City Jazz Record from 2012 - 2015

Click here to see her January 2015 article

The Jazz SingersKatie Bull is honored to be included in Scott Yanow's new book, THE JAZZ SINGERS, Hal Leonard Publishing. Available at all major book stores, and on Amazon.


"...a consistently intriguing singer...
...has recorded four stimulating albums that are utterly unpredictable...
...never playing it safe...taking wild chances...stretching herself...."
Scott Yanow, The Jazz Singers; Hal Leonard Publishing




"The Jazz Mandala Voyage" essay included in Silent Solo Improvisors Speak, Buddy's Knife Press 2010

To see the article "Jazz Is Obama" that Katie wrote for ALL ABOUT JAZZ - NEW YORK CLICK HERE"


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