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All Hot Bodies Radiate



#6 Vocal Jazz Album of 2015 in the 2015 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll 

ArtsFuse Top Jazz Vocal Album of 2015 – Michael Ullman, ArtsFuse

#1 Top Jazz Vocal Release; #5 Top Jazz Release,  Brian Morton, UK 




“Ms. Bull, a lyrically and musically adventurous jazz vocalist, has a new album, ‘All Hot Bodies Radiate,’ that captures the intense breadth of her artistry.”
– Nate Chinen, The New York Times Pick

“5-stars for Katie Bull. One of the best and most surprising jazz vocal albums of 2015. She is a brilliant improvisational singer and her voice and compositions take the listener through unexpected twists and turns that are surprising and exhilarating. Hip, modern, and exciting!”
– Jerry Gordon, WRPB Radio

"Very imaginative...(Bull) demonstrates that her composing is as adventurous as her vocal improvisations...a gem, combining elements of avant garde jazz and alternative rock in a way that could be described as Sheila Jordan meets  Courtney Love."

– Alex Henderson, New York City Jazz Record


"A fine recording with provocative lyrics." (Cadence Magazine) 

"Passionate...imaginative..." (Rigoberto Dittman, Germany/Bad Alchemy) 

The Crazy Poet Song
Ghost Sonata
The Drive to Woodstock
Torch Song to the Sun

Artist Statement:

When asked “What is jazz?” Sonny Rollins used an emphatic and direct voice - “It’s got to have improvisation.” I loved his answer. He made it so clear and in a sense, simple. He really sounded the call. For me, jazz is an art that allows us to feel how, as Martin Luther King said, “We are tied together in the single garment of destiny’’. Jazz embodies Ovid’s wisdom: “We two are One. We two form a Multitude.” In the times we live in, finding the relationship between the One and the Multitude seems to me to be the most important challenge on earth. Jazz improvisation is We. And it’s only We who can sustain this earth. So for me jazz is a calling borne of love for humanity and nature. It’s a heart journey.


About The Album:

“Love. Nature. The Nature of Love. It was a time of transition between old love and new love. I went to the mountains and sat with the humming birds & dragonflies in the warmth of the sun. Then I sat under the glow of the moon as it filtered through my window at the piano. Songs arrived and through the songs my heart began to heal. Also at this time I was on the climate activism trail, drawn by a love for the nature that sustains us all. Love radiates from ALL directions.” Twelve original compositions and two American Songbook covers later — the new KBGP album is here: ALL HOT BODIES RADIATE.



Katie Bull, vocals
Jeff Lederer, soprano & tenor saxophones
Landon Knoblock, piano & electronics, back-up vocals
Joe Fonda, bass
George Schuller, drums


1. The Crazy Poet Song (6:16)
2. Venus on the A Train (3:59)
3. KoKo’s Can-Do Blues (4:55)
4. Ghost Sonata (4:57)
5. The Drive to Woodstock (4:09)
6. If I Loved You* / What If? (7:28)
7. Torch Song to the Sun (3:20)
8. Love Poem for Apollo (6:08)
9. I Guess this isn’t Kansas any More (4:27)
10. Some Perfume Home (3:32)
11. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead^ (6:36)
12. Rapture for the David (5:18)
13. The Sea is Full of Song (3:51)


All compositions & arrangements by Katie Bull (except where noted).
*If I Loved You was composed by Rodgers & Hammerstein II
^Ding Dong the Witch is Dead was composed by Harold Arlen Recorded on April 20, 2013 at Tedesco Studios in Pramus, NJ

When my band works with the charts in rehearsals, we talk down the forms, and explore images or stories that inspired the tunes. Charts are maps — the music is the voyage to the uncharted. In each performance the songs grow with a live audience, so, their energy is part of this album. What you hear on ALL HOT BODIES RADIATE are first and second takes; the album has the synergy of a live performance!

Katie Bull likes to pick you up with her SuperSonic Trailways bus and then drop you off in a very wild part of town. You may be disoriented and perhaps a bit scared, but you know you are going to have a groovy time. You always meet nice folks, also. — Matt Wilson

We look forward to meeting you for the next ride! — Katie Bull


About The Band:

The Katie Bull Group Project (KBGP) is Katie Bull (vocals/compositions); Landon Knoblock (piano & electronics); Joe Fonda (bass); George Schuller (drums) and Jeff Lederer (saxophones). Band members are consummate jazz veterans who play inside and “out” side the jazz tradition. From swing to bop to blues to groove, the KBGP is genre-defying “out” edged indie-jazz. “We’ve been developing what I call our ‘hive mind’ for over ten years at venues in and around the NYC area. During founder/ owner Queva Lutz days of the 55 Bar on Christopher St., we honed our band’s connection in a monthly residency; after Queva passed we accepted an invitation by Fay Victor to join the Arts for Arts Evolving Music Series at the Local 269 on Houston St.; that series moved to the Clemente Soto Velez on Suffolk St., curated by Patricia Nicholson Parker. Other lower Manhattan venues included University of the Streets, The Brecht Forum, Nublu, and most recently, the Whynot Jazz Bistro as part of the “Whynot Experiment?” Series curated by Andrea Wholper. Other musicians who have been formative in the evolution of KBGP include pianists Michael Jefry Stevens and Frank Kimbrough; drummers Lou Grassi, Harvey Sorgen, Matt Wilson and Deric Dickins; bassists Martin Wind, Hillard Greene and Ratzo Harris.”






Katie Bull

was born in New York City, and raised in the West Village. Her jazz piano playing-dancer father used to let her tag along to gigs and various jam sessions, as well as run around on the edges of the dance floors where he was teaching modern dance at NYU. They moved upstate where the jam sessions continued and some years later they moved back to Tribeca, Manhattan (before it was “Tribeca”), where she lived in a raw loft space with her father and stepmother. She got a regular gig at Walkers at the age of 15, singing standards once a week. At this time she was introduced to jazz singer/ composer Jay Clayton, and singer Sheila Jordan, both of whom took her under their nurturing wings. She sat in a bit around town, at such venues as the Tin Palace, Sweet Basils, and Phoebes. Soon she embarked on her own, attending Suny Purchase, entering as a music major, exiting from the theater conservatory. Since graduation Katie’s focus has been in the hybrid-arts movement, also known as the inter-arts movement. She has written and directed numerous experimental productions with her company the Bull Family Orchestra, and this work has allowed her to integrate her background in music, dance, writing, and directing. She has been vocal coaching for speaking voice production, and singing in various downtown experimental theaters and jazz venues in New York CIty, the tri-state area, New England, and internationally in Argentina at the La Plata Jazz Festival. As part of the jazz world she has appeared with numerous musicians including pianists Michael Jefry Stevens, Frank Kimbrough, Joshua Wolf; percussionists Lou Grassi, Matt Wilson, Harvey Sorgen, George Schuller; and bass players Joe Fonda, Martin Wind, Hill Greene, Cameron brown and Ratzo Harris to name only a few.



Landon Knoblock

is a pianist who is equally at home surrounded by a patchwork of keyboards, electronics and stompbox style effects pedals as he is with an acoustic grand. He’ll pick a sound and take it on a journey, let it run its course, then choose another sound and start all over again. For Knoblock, a solo synth-based improv is just one of his vocations. Another one is the experimental jazz-rock trio he formed with drummer Jeff Davis and saxophonist Oscar Noriega called CACAW, which released their first album “Stellar Power” in Sept 2014. Knoblock has also performed around the NYC area with a number of leading players in both straight-ahead and avantjazz camps, including Ben Allison, Matt Wilson, Jeff Lederer, Katie Bull and many others. He released “Gasoline Rainbow,” a duo recording with prog/metal drummer Jason Furman, in 2010, and more recently has dabbled in chillwave and electropop with Twintapes.



Jeff Lederer

is a New York based saxophonist-clarinetist/composer/educator whose work crosses the genres of jazz, latin and creative improvised music. In 2014 he has been named in both the critics and Readers Polls of Downbeat Magazine recognizing his work on tenor and alto saxophones and clarinet. He has worked for many years in the Matt Wilson Quartet and the grammy nominated ensembles of Bobby Sanabria and Salsa trombonist Jimmy Bosch. He has recorded for Gunther Schuller’s GM Recordings, CIMP Records, Palmetto Records and his own Little (i) Music label. His quartet “Sunwatcher” made it’s debut in 2011 on the Jazzheads label featurin Buster Williams on bass, Jamie Saft on piano and Matt Wilson, drums. His longstanding ensemble “Shaker n’ Bakers” perform modern jazz interpretations of the Vision songs of the Shaker religious sect and has released two recordings of Shaker music and performed at the World Festival of Sacred Music in Los Angeles.



George Schuller

(drummer, composer, arranger, producer) has released several albums as a leader including Listen Both Ways, Like Before, Somewhat After & Round’bout Now (all on Playscape), Life’s Little Dramas (Fresh Sound) and JigSaw (482 Music). He leads several groups (Circle Wide, Schulldogs, George Schuller Trio) and co-leads several others (including Conference Call amd Yard Byard). Schuller appears on Joe Lovano’s Rush Hour (Blue Note) and has also recorded and/ or produced CD’s with Orange Then Blue, Ran Blake, Luciana Souza, Mike Musillami, Lisa Thorson, Ballin’ The Jack, Peter Yarrow and Gunther Schuller. Schuller currently tours with such sonic mavericks as Lee Konitz and Armen Donelian. Since graduating from the New England Conservatory of Music in 1982, he has performed with Dee Dee Bridgewater, Nnenna Freelon, Jaki Byard, Dave Douglas, George Adams, Fred Hersch, George Garzone, Jerry Bergonzi, Mose Allison, J Geils, among many others. He was also a co-producer for the 2007 film documentary Music Inn, which was screened at the Tribeca, Galway and Munich Film Festivals.



Joe Fonda

An accomplished international Jazz artist, bassist Joe Fonda has performed with his own ensembles throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. He has collaborated and performed with such artists as Anthony Braxton, Archie Shepp, Ken McIntyre, Lou Donaldson, Bill and Kenny Barron, Leo Smith, Perry Robinson, Dave Douglas, Curtis Fuller, Bill Dixon, Han Bennink, Bobby Naughton, Xu Fengia, Randy Weston, Gebhard Ullmann, Carla Bley, Carlo Zingaro, Barry Altschul, Billy Bang and Jon Irabagon. As a composer, Fonda has been the recipient of numerous grants and commissions from Meet the Composer (New York) and the New England Foundation of the Arts. He has released twelve recordings under his own name. Fonda was also a member of The Creative Musicians Improvisors Forum directed by Leo Smith, and was the bassist with the American Tap Dance Orchestra in New York City, directed by world renowned tap dancer, Brenda Bufalino. Currently Fonda has been recording and touring extensively with the Fonda-Stevens Group, Conference Call , The Fab Trio, The Nu Band and Bottoms Out , with performances at Jazz festivals and venues all over the world including Prague Jazz Festival, Berlin Jazz Festival, Jazz Im Agusto (Lisbon Portugal)





#6 Vocal Jazz Album of 2015 in the 2015 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll


ArtsFuse Top Jazz Vocal Album of 2015 – Michael Ullman, ArtsFuse


#1 Top Jazz Vocal Release; #5 Top Jazz Release, Brian Morton, UK


“Ms. Bull, a lyrically and musically adventurous jazz vocalist, has a new album, ‘All Hot Bodies Radiate,’ that captures the intense breadth of her artistry.” – Nate Chinen, The New York Times Pick

“5-stars for Katie Bull. One of the best and most surprising jazz vocal albums of 2015. She is a brilliant improvisational singer and her voice and compositions take the listener through unexpected twists and turns that are surprising and exhilarating. Hip, modern, and exciting!” – Jerry Gordon, WRPB Radio

"...very imaginative... [Bull] demonstrates that her composing is as adventurous as her vocal improvisations... a gem, combining elements of avant garde jazz and alternative rock in a way that could be described as Sheila Jordan meets Courtney Love." – Alex Henderson, New York City Jazz Record

"A fine jazz recording with provocative lyrics." – Cadence Magazine

"Sparks of Marc Moulin’s Placebo and George Dukes’ 'Liberated Fantasies’ flood through the memory banks listening to 'The Drive To Woodstock' - a song on Kate Bull’s new album 'All Hot Bodies Radiate’. A highlight of 2015 that touches this listener as if unearthed from the deepest ocean of jazz-fusion.” – Steve Williams, UK Vibe

"Bull is a poet, singer and composer of significance - expressive, passionate and imaginative..." – Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy Magazine (Germany)

“I love Katie Bull's new CD, All Hot Bodies Radiate. Thoughtful lyrics artfully rendered through graceful music arrangements. And the band – saxophonist Jeff Lederer, keyboardist Landon Knoblock, bassist Joe Fonda and drummer George Schuller – is tight! Or to put it another way, all hot bodies, radiating.” – Bob Rogers, Taintradio

"Listen carefully to Katie Bull’s adventurous and exciting music. It reminds me of the approach that composer Kurt Weill brought to the plays of German author Bertolt Brecht." – Jürg Sommer, Schweiz am Sonntag (Switzerland)

“It is no surprise that Katie Bull was inspired and deeply moved by her mentor Sheila Jordan in her jazz waltz. On her latest release, All Hot Bodies Radiate, she continues to impress the masses with songs that ooze with soul, instrumentation that nails it and an overall aura that you’re listening to a wise soul sing the truth. Katie feels this world deeply and her music mimics the way she lives .. fulla good love.” – Joe Dimino, KCXL & Neon Jazz Radio

“Out of the versatility and technical finesse of these crazy cool compositions the band has achieved everything.... A great Christmas gift!” – Volkmar Mantei, Ragazzi Music (Germany)

“Bull's music is characterized by drama and a desire to push the frontiers of performance…. It has a strong melodic foundation, like that of Mose Allison or Ben Sidran. With her team of moderately free jazz-oriented musicians, she has created a varied offering with the refreshing and wild spark of saxophonist Jeff Lederer…” – Allan Sommer, Jazz Special (Denmark)

"This is a fast ball down the middle for all avant garde ears - especially those that like the descendant of the 50s jazz and poetry movement." – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“…creative and vital, stylistically from Bop to the Chanson à la Brecht-Weill. – Herbert Ickerott, Jazz Podium (Germany)

"Bull is a singing poet, a writer of yearning, evocative verse that reads as good as it sounds. Delivered freely and fearlessly in a kind of Italianate recitative, melodic talk-singing, interspersed with pleasing vocal noises, Bull's ballads take a modernist step beyond anything you've heard previously." – Michael Konik,

"This is the fifth album from the New York singer and songwriter Katie Bull, whose expressive reach ranges from a not excessively orthodox vocal jazz to an infiltration of contemporary music….so-to-speak prog song." – Alberto Bazzurro, All About Jazz Italia

"A nice change from the usual renditions of standards, however pleasant those are. This album is a reminder of what real vocal jazz can be-edgy and inventive." – Charles Husson, Hawaii Public Radio

"With some singers, the record goes on and you think 'Very nice' or 'A little bit like Sarah V, a little touch of Billie . . .' and the next thing you know you're in another room doing something else entirely. Put on All Hot Bodies Radiate, though, and everything stops, including the urge to make that kind of comparison. Katie Bull writes arresting, original songs, full of presence and atmosphere, and as the Strindberg borrowing (Ghost Sonata) suggests, each one is a little stage-play, as great songs should always be." – writer and broadcaster Brian Morton, UK

“Lyrically and vocally I find Katie Bull continually pushing the comfort zone with a gentle swagger and venturesomeness in her delivery. She is subtle but with a fulsome poetic sensitiveness. She is more than ably supported by the players on the record who respond with grace, intuitiveness and imaginative creativity.” – John Hammell, Mozart to Motorhead radio show, HomegrownradioNJ & ChestnutRadio

"Katie is rightly celebrated for her wildly unpredictable lyrics and surprising melodies, which honor the best traditions of improvisation and musical adventure. But as a result, she has been insufficiently praised for her exceptional talents as a singer and her way of integrating her vocal stylings with the music produced by her band of fine, open-eared musicians. The result is a wonder of jazz vocal music that is unique and deeply appealing." – Fritz Byers, WGTE-FM

"Forget everything you've heard about categories or - more precisely - about imaginary boundaries dividing the kingdoms of jazz and singer-songwriting. There are none. If you don't believe that, listen to Katie Bull’s new album ‘All Hot Bodies Radiate’ and I'm quite sure: After a few minutes you'll follow me. Of course she's still on "the road to Woodstock", her lyrics are still provocative and mind-stimulating - and her message of love and taste needs no boundaries. Great stuff!" – Rainer Bratfisch, Berlin

“Vocalist Katie Bull and her cast of intrepid cohorts take you on a wild ride. Her vocal gymnastics are matched by her fearless lyrics. This is not your pedestrian jazz. Certainly not for the sleepy listeners. She challenges‹ you at every turn and it's all for your delight and edification. Prepare to be tele- transported to the next level.” – Joyce The Voice, WMFO Radio

“Fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to learn about independent singers from the US like Katie Bull and Virginia Scheck. I seldom play the music of singers from major labels on my show because they act predictable and they also sound mainstream. Katie Bull has developed her own highly original, recognizable style. She surrounds herself with very interesting sidemen. Last but not least, improvising isn't only the icing in the cake for her. These are the reasons Katie Bull brings me back the pleasure of listening to female vocals.” – Constantin Sieg, Jazz-Zeit, Radio Unerhört Marburg, Germany

“Katie Bull's new cd is a great collaboration between improvisers. Together with avant-garde luminaries such as Joe Fonda on the double-bass and George Schuller on the drums, the vocalist clearly demonstrates her talent in delivering original compositions which would easily compete with any arrangement of a regular jazz standard.” – Pascal Dorban, Radio ARA, Luxembourg

"Bull is a poet, singer and composer of significance - expressive, passionate and imaginative... Her bandmates (Fonda, Knoblock, Lederer, Schuller) are longtme, loyal companions, full of a tremendous amount of New York know-how... highlights are her arrangements and poetry, and her singing, inspired by Sheila Jordan and Jay Clayton....(Bull) transports her listeners. " -
Rigo Dittmann, Bad Alchemy Magazine (Germany) Translation by Uta Hoffmann

THE KATIE BULL GROUP PROJECT All Hot Bodies Radiate (Ashokan Indie 001): Bull eine Dichterin, Sängerin und Komponistin zu nennen, aussagekräftig, temperamentvoll und einfallsreich, ist kaum zu viel gesagt. Durch die Danceszene und Jamsessions im Warren Street Performance Loft früh schon bohemistisch geprägt, hat sie längst selber das Zeug, den Bassisten Joe Fonda zum ständigen Begleiter zu machen, vonConversations With The Jokers (2002) und ihrem Duo Cup of Joe, No Bull (2005) überLove Spook (2005), The Story, So Far(2007) und Freak Miracle (2011) bis hier. Auch der Saxophonist Jeff Lederer ist ihr treu, Landon Knoblock, der selber mit Cacaw heiße Jazz-Rock-Hybriden ausbrütet, spielt Keys, George Schuller die Drums, kurz: haufenweise New Yorker Knowhow. Aber der Clou sind doch Bulls Arrangements, ihr von Sheila Jordan und Jay Clayton animierter Gesang, ihre Poesie. Von 'The Crazy Poet Song', wo sie Dichterkollegen aufruft, aus ihren Besenkammern zu steigen, über 'Venus on the A Train' und 'KoKo's Can-Do Blues' bis zu 'The Sea is Full of Song'. Dem schlafwandlerischen 'Ghost Sonata' mit seinem klagenden "Oh-Oh" und dann doch tollem Tenorsolo folgt 'The Drive to Woodstock' mit rasantem Sopranogetriller. 'If I Loved You' von Rodgers & Hammerstein, a capella vorgetragen, hinterfragt Bull mit 'What If''. Die "absolute Aufmerksamkeit", die sie gelobt, ist ein Versprechen, das sie sich von Annie Dillard abnehmen ließ. Mit dem schleppend-düsteren, von Knoblock elektronisch angefressenen, von einem Tiger durchstreiften 'I Guess This Isn't Kansas Anymore' versetzt sie einen nach Oz und ebenso mit 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead', das die Bull Group, nach einem vokalisierten Intro zu gestrichenem Bass, jazzrockig elaboriert, wobei Bull hexisch scattet. Was ihr bei 'Some Perfume Home' zu Kopf gestiegen ist, ist noch mal was anderes als das Saxophon, das sie atemlos macht. Bei 'Rapture for the David' hat sie nur das Piano an der Seite, wenn sie sich einen Bildhauer oder Maler für den Mann ihrer Träume wünscht. Aber Schlag Mitternacht lässt sie schon mal ihre eigenen Finger anfangen, dieses Kunstwerk nachzuzeichnen. Zum kandidelten, sopranistisch jubilierenden Finale setzt dann Fonda den flirrenden Schlusspunkt. [BA 87 rbd]

"Very imaginative... (Bull) demonstrates that her composing is as adventurous as her vocal hears hints of Helen Merrill's cool-toned introspection on 'Love Poem for Apollo' and 'Ghost Sonata,' but her affection for Sheila Jordan's innovations comes through on 'Some Perfume Home,' 'Rapture for the David' and 'Koko's Can-Do Blues'...Bull's edgy interpretation of the latter ("Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead") is a gem, combining elements of avant garde jazz and alternative rock in a way that could be described as Sheila Jordan meets Courtney Love."
- Alex Henderson, New York City Jazz Record


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Katie Bull is a highly original talent, a vocalist steeped in tradition who fearlessly rocks the boundaries of the known ... (She) sings with a kind of relaxed, languid, yet lively scat singing where the lyrics aren’t sung so much as they burst from inside her. --

Katie Bull is a very accessible modern jazz singer, and an accomplished songwriter. Her lyrics are delicate and elegant…the real deal is Bull’s compositions: poignant songs that, occasionally, take a few steps left of the norm. Beautiful, masterful jazz music, from a unique singer-songwriter. --Journal d’écoute, Quebec

Though it is easy to detect myriad influences in Bull, extending from the cool minimalism of Helen Merrill and Chet Baker to the boplicious ingenuity of Jon Hendricks and the bold vibrancy of Sheila Jordan (one of Bull’s earliest mentors), attempting to categorize the native New Yorker, and leader of the city’s inter-arts movement, is rather like trying to get a few dozen wriggling snakes to lay orderly and still … envelope-pushing experimentation on a grand scale ... (a) brilliantly cacophonous picture. --Christopher Louden, Jazz Times Magazine


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